Sunday Sails – Cerulean is Officially a Dog Sailboat! | 2.3.13

View from Cerulean Slip - C Basin MDR

This weekend was the first time that Erika and I took Beatrix (our Schnauzer) onboard. She was a little confused at first, but after about 20 minutes started to explore the environment and feel comfortable. We tried to get her to relax, but she wanted to sniff every fitting, block, and wince on deck. Once she is comfortable on deck, we will progress to below (gulp!). Always scary thinking about a 19mo old Giant Schnauzer chewing your teak and mahogany joinery 😉

Beatrix trying her best to not look at the ducks in the water – I failed look at her eyes (like Ramona from RHOBH)

Beatrix in the Center Cockpit - Cerulean

One thought

  1. Great website ! Very inspirational and useful as We are also refitting our Maramu to head out into the Pacific and have a dog


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